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Bloodknot, LLC

Bloodknot Tip-Up

Bloodknot Tip-Up

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There's nothing that brings us closer to our badass ancestors than punching a hole in a frozen lake, setting a trap, and successfully pulling out the day's catch with your bare hands.

But, metal parts, water, and freezing temperatures don't always cooperate, and adding globs of grease to tip-ups suck. Bloodknot patent pending tip-ups use sealed ball bearings and opposing magnets to reduce metal-on-metal chafing (no one likes chafing, it's uncomfortable). This smooth bite system gives fishers the ability to hunt perch to big game fish, all with one tip-up. 

Before you head out on the ice looking to fill the freezer or land that trophy fish, trust your gear can withstand the harsh weather and abusive travel, and is ready to perform the way you expect.

We back up all tip-up sales with the best customer service, so if you ever have an issue, drop us a line, and we'll make it right.

Some discoloration of plastic parts may be present. Each spool is lightly coated with epoxy resin to increase strength and durability. The application of grease may also lead to a slight discoloration, but this is normal. 

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