Ice fishing Tip-up, Bloodknot

Bloodknot Tip-Ups

Bloodknot tip-ups are the smoothest and most sensitive bite system of any tip-up. Featuring patent pending components and a magnetic assisted spooling system, Bloodknot tip-ups will handle the harshest environments and put food on the table.

⚠️ Warning: spooling may occur, even with perch, so watch your flags!

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You can now purchase Bloodknot tip-ups at Aquatic Arts in Tomahawk, WI.

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Better tip-ups, more flags, more fun!

  • Grease

    We use a grease proven in the outdoors over decades to make our spools spin with ease, even is harsh temperatures.

  • Magnets

    Our patent pending design includes a set of opposing magnets that assists the spool as bait is taken reducing line tension for a better strike.

  • Less Grease

    Our unique design minimizes the amount of grease required without the need to add more to outside parts during harsh winter days.

  • Machined Parts

    CNC parts are machined to precision to create the smoothest bite system of any tip-ups.

  • Patent Pending

    Our patent pending designs keep Bloodknot unique from anything on the market.


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Common Bloodknot Tip-Up Questions

What kind of grease is used?

Bloodknot tip-ups use a white lithum base grease proven over decades of outdoor use.

Can I change the grease?

Yes, but we've made Bloodknots to never require you to change your grease. If there is ever a problem, please let us know and we'll make it right.

Why are you doing pre-orders?

Building a physical product company requires that each year companies estimate how many units may be sold the following season. Pre-orders allow us to better plan, get better pricing from suppliers, and help ensure the highest standards of production quality and control. We appreciate your continued to support!

What stores will carry Bloodknot in the future?

We're working with and identifying several stores across Wisconsin and the midwest. We believe bait stores and small retails stores near lakes are the best sources of information for anglers looking to catch fish. We hope we can partner with trusted stores without over crowding any one market. Please reach out to us if you're interested in carrying Bloodknot tip-ups.

What kind of wood is used?

Each Bloodknot tip-up is made from pine and then dipped twice in coatings to protect it from harsh weather while giving it a classic look.

Are Bloodknot's sensitive enough for pan fish?

Yes! Bloodknots are commonly used to catch perch and other pan fish. If you're fishing deep basins for crappie, you might want to try a tip-down.

How durable are Bloodknot tip-ups?

Bloodknots are designed to perform in the harshest enivronments without getting sticky or freezing. They are meant to be taken care of and dropping them could damage or bend the tip-up impacting functionality. We suggest you take care of them like any other investment.

What our customers are saying...

  • Derek

    "Absolutely in love with these tip-ups."

  • Zach

    "They spin just as smooth even in sub zero temps! You can't go wrong with purchasing these."

  • Rich

    "These are the best tip-ups I have ever seen!!! Well done!!"

Our Story

In 2018, we started Bloodknot to course correct the mass produced and cheap tip-up market that began in 2011. Fed up with tip-ups that froze and got sticky as the temperatures dropped, we decided to embark on designing, building, and producing our own, better tip-ups. We looked for inspiration from our experience, other anglers, and technology to craft a design that thrives in the harshest ice fishing environments. Our goal is to create a tip-up that give anglers of all skills and experiences the chance to chase more flags and catch more fish.

Co-Founders, Jason & Nick